Alien Encounter

Emma and her little brother Scotty have many thrilling adventures as they visit exciting places in their family’s Airstream travel trailer. Their journeys are based on real places that you can visit too! There is always something new to see and learn on the expeditions of Emma and Scotty! So fasten your seat belts and join Emma and Scotty on their next Airstream Adventure!

In Emma and Scotty’s Alien Encounter in Roswell, Emma tells Scotty all about the "Alien incident" that happened in Roswell, NM in 1947. Emma doesn’t believe in aliens, but her little brother Scotty does. He loves the idea of meeting a real alien and can’t wait to visit Roswell. They go to the UFO Museum, and something happens there that neither of them would have ever expected!

Visit the real International UFO Museum in Roswell here!





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